Criminal Law

At Hecht Montgomery we provide police station representation and criminal advice and representation on cases of varying seriousness from motoring offences to murder. If you risk losing your licence or facing a hike in insurance premiums if you have points on your licence or if convicted of a motoring offence – we can help in representing you.

When criminal cases overlap with family cases we can advise you. For example, if you are arrested on suspicion of assaulting or abusing your partner, breaching a restraining order, assaulting your child, causing cruelty to or ill-treating your child. Having a solicitor who can see matters from both the criminal and family lawyer’s viewpoint can help make a decision on the right approach to help you.

How we can help

  • Have you been arrested by the police and unsure about what to do?
  • Have you ben stopped for a driving offence and risk loosing your licence?
  • Are you due to attend court and planning to represent yourself?

If you are asking questions like these please contact us.

You should always ask for a solicitor if interviewed by the police because… we are FREE

No matter what time of the day or night, or how long a solicitor has to spend providing you with expert advice and assistance, our services will be free to you as we hold a Legal Aid contract with the government.

Even if you haven’t done anything wrong we can help you

Choosing to have a solicitor doesn’t make you look guilty to the police. Choosing not to have a solicitor might make you a push over in terms of how the police deal with your case. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you might still struggle to explain yourself in the pressure of a police interview. Our presence and advice will help with that pressure.

It’s never a ‘quick chat’, despite what the police tell you

The only reason you are being interviewed is because the police suspect your involvement in a criminal offence. Any ‘quick chat’ is to investigate that. The outcome of the ‘chat’ might be a police caution, or a charge for a serious offence, with serious consequences for your future.