Family Law

At Hecht Montgomery we appreciate how important it is for couples, whether married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting to regulate their relationship legally, sometimes at the beginning of the relationship and when the relationship comes to an end.

We can help in the following areas; Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership, Ancillary Relief (money), Alternative Family Structure Advice, Cohabitation Disputes, Prenuptial & Post Nuptial Agreements, Inheritance Act Claims, Family Injunctions in cases of Domestic Violence (Non molestation orders and Occupation Orders), Referrals for Mediation, Disputes over equity in your home (TOLATA claims).

Although legal aid is not available to pursue these matters any more, in some cases you can make an application for your husband/wife/civil partner to pay your legal costs as your case progresses.

How we can help

  • Are you being continually undermined and harassed by your partner/wife/husband in your own home?
  • Has the other parent of your child died but made no or insufficient provision for your child in their will?
  • Were you maintained by a family member prior to their death and want to make a claim against their estate because they forgot to make a will and so you’re not inheriting what you feel is rightfully yours?
  • Did you buy a property with your partner many years ago and agree that when it was sold you’d share any profit but the legal deeds don’t reflect that agreement?

If you are asking questions like these please contact us.