At Hecht Montgomery we can advise and represent you in disputes over money and your rights in relation to litigation cases.

It may be that if you want to start a small claim on your own and you just want to be put on the right track or have representation at the actual trial even if you represent yourself with the paperwork. If you are being sued, let us advise you on the merits of your defence and consider whether you will be benefit from having legal representation. We represent clients with who are in dispute with landlords or agents who are withholding deposits form short-term tenancy agreements often with overseas clients who are unsure of their rights and the law.
How we can help

  • Are you being sued and unsure of what to do next?
  • Is a landlord withholding your deposit for a short term let and unsure of your rights?
  • Are you in dispute over money and need to know your rights?

If you are asking questions like these please contact us.